Artist Davitsio

Surreal 'Soccer' NFTs with 50% donation


0% bereikt van het totaalbedrag € 14.000

Artist Davitsio is a duo (Michael & Roy) marked by life. Everything they have experienced is transformed into beautiful works of art based on surrealism. By having received little help in life themselves, they are happy to offer help to people who need it. These NFTs thus contribute to the support of the charitable cause, the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

On 1 March we will launch a special category of NFTs. The soccer category has rare surreal pictures.
There are 4xBronze 4xSilver 4xGold & 1xPlatinum 1xDiamond to collect.
Total of 14, the number of JohanCruyff ❤️, collect them all.

Do you have one color complete? Then you get the amazing 'SUPER' soccer NFT from us for free!🎁✔

We donate half of every NFT that is sold to the Johan Cruyff Foundation.
This promotion can be followed via our social media.

If you would like to see or support our collection directly, click here.

Our website: Artist Davitsio