Project Hockey_India-TPCS Initiative

3 Ground Hockey Pitches for children in rural areas


0% reached of total of €30,000
Together, we've covered 20 km

Too expensive to build and maintain an artificial turf in rural areas. It is killing local talent that begin, train on rugged ground pitches and have to compete with clubs from cities that can afford Plastic Artificial / Water Turfs.

Project is to create 3 ground pitches of high quality with all amenities that Children can play and develop technical and social skills.

I was born in South India and have been playing Hockey since my childhood. I go to India for Work and Private. My family, friends, colleagues and neighbours supported me in small projects; collecting Hockey kits and sponsoring Local tournament. I came in contact with Bovelander Foundation that is doing fabulous work in India and was motivated to do more with help from Big names.

I feel that children in rural areas do have opportunities as compared to big cities in India and definately nowhere near compared to Netherlands. I like the 14 principles of Johan Cruyff foundaton. I hope i can contribute to the upliftment of Sports for children in South India, where I originate from.